Urva Tensile

About US

URVA Tensile is a professional tensile structures manufacturing company which designs and installs some of the world’s most inspiring tensile structures in Pakistan. We develop our tensile fabric structures by using an assortment of highly engineered PVC coated Polyester and PVDF membrane fabrics.Over the years, we have undergone technological innovation and carried out a wide spectrum of services in fabrication and erection of specialized steel works at competitive prices without compromising on quality. URVA Tensile has the distribution of Spanish PVC coated fabrics manufactured by well-reputed Sauleda company situated in Barcelona.


Our vision is to improve the functionality and quality of our services by constantly updating and training our crew in the latest techniques, processes and safety standards to build on our already proven work record. Among our focuses are long term environmental damage control, easy maintenance and fabrication and erection of resilient tensile structures.


Our mission is to work collaboratively with our clients to give them the best value for money solution which achieves their projects’ vision. Through our pioneering spirit and culture of limitless possibilities, our experienced team will continue to inspire and provide innovative fabric structures that solve design challenges, whilst being locally sourced, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

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