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The car parking shades can do the honor of giving protection to your cars; however, people believe that it is just a tiny thing that they can live without on this blog. So, keep reading!

Protection from dirt

What happens when you park your vehicle under a tree? You will get sap or bird droppings on your car, and removing it can damage your car’s paint and glass.

Protection from the paint fading

Exposing the car outdoors in the sun will cause the paint color of your vehicle to fade within a short period.

Saves energy

To cool down the car, we have to get in, open the doors, and put on the air conditioning system.

Prevent battery issues

It can destroy battery life, which is a natural and severe threat.

Prevent overheating

It is one of the serious issues faced by car owners in the Middle East region. Installing a car parking shade will prevent such circumstances.

The car tires will expand and burst during the summer because of the intense heat. Tire blasting incidents are common during summer, and they can be stopped by providing shade to the cars.

Prevents car contamination

A personal vehicle is one of the absolute necessities these days. Installing a high-quality car parking shade for your car from Mister Shade ME will help to preserve the newness and provide the protection it requires.

The summer is back again already, with the sun pumping its heat waves at maximum degrees. Lots of individuals get de-hydrate and water loss due to extreme heatwaves. Children’s and senior citizens’ request not to go out during noon unless necessary whole body, including face, should be covered with clothes got shade and stay calm. Well, that applies to all living species.

Automobiles, however are not living creatures. Nevertheless, they are the best buddy for transportation at your convinced, times, and places at ease. Nearly every person owns a 2 or 4 wheeler drive to move to and fro today in the fast life. Whether it’s an emotional ride for leisure or work, motor-cycle, cars, and SUV’s has become an essential part of our life to travel alone or along with friends and families.

Car is built from heavy-duty metal, paint, parts, and fabric tensile car parking shades that are likely to get affected by the humid climate. Most of the time, our vehicles are parked in an outdoor open area exposed to UV Sunlight and heat. Research has been proven that UV rays are harmful and can cause skin cancer in some cases; on the Car, UV sun-light damage exterior and interior parts resulting in reduced body paint and shines. Within few years, a newly purchased car becomes dull and old-fashioned.

So how do you protect cars?

There are several options to protect your car from UV rays, dust, and rain. Some people choose to cover the car with cheap plastic, which can be quickly worn out and short life span. Another recommended option is to get car parking shades installed by companies that manufacture and supply different tensile fabric structures for various applications and users.

One of the main benefits of using modular fabric structures is lightweight, waterproof, and fire-retardant properties with durable strength and a longer life span. It gives a distinct appearance of parking areas while providing the best shade shelter throughout the seasons. Best of all, tensile structures are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes to suit your outdoor area.

No matter if you need a shade for car parking or tensile fabric structures for different uses. We have got you covered!!

What are Car Shades?

Car Shades are vehicle-specific car sun blinds made-to-measure and perfectly fit all your car’s rear windows, including the boot. They include using clips to the frame of your windows and not the glass to allow you to wind the window still down while the shade stays in place.

Unlike alternative solutions, our shades cover all of the windows and not just part of it, so you don’t have any dazzling gaps or spaces for little fingers to get behind and pull them off! And because we don’t use suckers, they’ll stay in place and won’t fall off when you gave over the slightest bump!

Car Parking Shades

Car Parking Shade Designs include but are not limited to Top Support, Bottom Support, Cantilever Shades, Arch Shades, Wave Shades, Pyramid Shades, Sail Shades, Single Pole Shades, and K-Span Shades. Our company has full capability to manufacture any customized car parking shades using high-quality tear-strength fabric, i.e., PVC, PVDF, and HDPE. We have multiples car shade structures in multiple designs like cantilever Car Parking shades; Arch design car parking shades Baku Style car parking shades.

Specification of car parking shades

  1. • Available with different designs: Cantilever design (Arch, Top Support, Down Support), Baku Style, Pyramid Style, and umbrella design of car parking shades.
  2. • Available sizes are 6 m x 3 m (Good for one car) & also we have a custom size as per your requirements.
  3. • Available Fabrics are PVC and HDPE in waterproof and non-waterproof, respectively.
  4. • Available Steel Structures are GI and MS Steel.
  5. • Available paint is powder coating.
  6. • Open Height: 2.5 to 3 m. Also, we modified it as per requirement.

The fabric of car parking shades


Our PVC (POLYVINYL CHLORIDE) Fabric is made of vinyl-coated polyester for our car park shades. The PVC fabric is a pervasive tensile architecture in UAE with a lifespan of more than 20 years, and PVC fabric typically offers made in German. Value overall, PVC Waterproof fabric.


(High-Density Polyethylene) mesh fabric is a heavy-duty knitted shade used for car park shade, tensile membrane, shade structure, and sail shades where fabric is placed; we used made in Australia its life span more than 15 years. HDPE is non-waterproof is suited for large & mo small parking shades. HDPE fabric is non-waterproof.

Advantages of car parking shades

  1. · • Increase property value
  2. · • Eliminate cracking of windscreen
  3. · • Prevents the fading of the dashboard.
  4. · • Increase the image of your cooperation
  5. · • Car Parking Shades are Design to provide maximum protection from sun rays.
  6. · • Protect Sun Light (in UAE heavy Sun Light).
  7. · • Protect heavy Heat.
  8. · • The Glass and shine of your cars

Prices Of car parking shades

We have many types of car parking shades at different prices also we have other heavy material, regular and cheap.

  1. · Heavy material
  2. · Best Quality
  3. · Normal material
  4. · Cheap material

Warranty of car parking shades

We have many types of car parking shades at different prices also we have other heavy material, regular and cheap.

  1. · Heavy material: 15 years warranty
  2. · Best Material: 10 years warranty
  3. · Normal material: 07 years warranty
  4. · Cheap material: 05 years warranty

Features of Car Parking Shades

• Highly designed. • Versatile quality. • Charming and attractive fabrication work. • Congruence design and structure with a wide variety. • Car Parking Shades are Design to provide maximum protection from sun rays. • Large array of techniques at affordable and reasonable rates. •

Cantilever top Suppo In UAE mostly used cantilever car park shades. We provide sound design and quality cantilever shed structure. Cantilever top support is the maximum strength of the parking shed. The total height 4 m, and the available size is 2.8 m.In UAE, mostly used cantilever car park shades. We provide sound design and quality cantilever shed structure. Cantilever top support is the top strength of the parking shed. The total height 4 m, and the available size is 2.8 m.Others

Design of car parking shades

People extensively rely on a car parking shade in Dubai to protect their vehicles from harsh Dubai weather. At Fixprosquad – one of the most trusted car parking shades suppliers – we understand the essential role your car plays in your life.

A car parking shade in Dubai is a fantastic product that will keep your car cool in scorching hot weather. Our shades for car parking are designed to provide maximum protection while still be eye-catching.

Whether you are looking for car parking shades in Dubai for your residential or commercial property, our expert design team will build a shade that will fit the style and the appearance of your home.

As one of the most sought-after car parking shades suppliers in Dubai, we have come a long way from where it all began protecting the much-needed protection to our customers’ valuable vehicles from the hot and warm summer.

The sun, snow, hail, dust, and other elements can be damaging to the car. Even if the damages are not significant within a short period, they can be severe when allowed for a longer time. When you let the sun’s effects or other damaging elements be seen on your car, you will be ready to spend money to repair it since you will not like to continue spending on your car repairs; the best way to avoid getting good car parking shades. There are different types of shades in the car’s market, and you are to choose the most suitable one for you.

The Traditional and Static Car Shades You Need to Know

There are many types of car shades you need to protect your car. There are traditional manual car shades designed to be used at home or in the office. This type is static and cannot be moved from one place to another. Installation of this type is done manually, and it always requires the effort of more than one person. Also, the traditional parking shade for a vehicle is always bulky or gigantic and cannot easily be moved from one place to another. But, it does last longer than most other shades designed for vehicles.

What to Consider While Going for Car Shades

With numerous parking shades available in the market, most people usually find it challenging to select the best for them. That is why you are being provided with information on some of the things to consider when going for shades for your car parking lots. The first thing to consider is the time taking for installation. Also, it would be best if you thought mode of operation, whether manual or automatic. It would help if you equally considered pricing ensuring you are not spending above your budget. Take some time to view the portability, mainly when you are looking for the one you can take from one place to another. It is also essential to consider the durability of the shades for your car parking. The shades’ size should also be considered depending on the number of cars you want to park under the shade. With these factors being considered, you will easily choose the best shades for your car parking and budget.

Why You Need To Go For Portable Car Paring Car Shades

It is always essential for you to consider portability when you want to go for parking cover for your car. This is primarily important when you have limited packing space and only want to fill one or two cars there. When you want to consider taking your vehicle parking cover to different location portability, it is essential to view it. It would help if you considered going to disassemble easily and transfer to another place where it will be needed. Portable car covers are easy to use and install. Most of the mobile car covers are installed by one person. These are among the reasons you should make sure that you go for portable shades for your car.

The Best Portable Auto Car Parking Shade You Need to Go For

Other brands are now in the market, and most people are always thinking of the best one to go for. You need not think further as the Lanmodo portable car cover is the best. These are the best shades built with innovative technology and operated with remote control. It is easy to use and, foldable can be installed within the 30s. It is made with fiberglass support, Oxford cloth canopy, and others.

What does attending the recent LiveRideShare conference in Los Angeles have in common with developing a paper on the supply chain. For example, suppose you are “buying” automotive transportation. In that case, you are consuming gasoline and the energy to produce the steel and plastic, and glass needed to make the car and the energy to produce the

Let’s focus on the provision of parking. I wouldn’t have thought that parking was a big deal, but that’s because I was failing to ask a fundamental question:

But how many parking spaces do we need?

Parking turns out to be surprisingly important in supply chain energy and even more so in supply chain greenhouse gas pollution.

And if you think the higher estimate of eight spaces per vehicle is on target, the emissions are 150 million metrics per year or almost 15 percent of those from gasoline.

Why is shared mobility important?

At the Feb. 23 Live Ride Share conference organized by my colleague Amanda Eaken, we learned that participants in a car-sharing program could cut their travel demand by 27-43 percent.

From point A to point B without wanting to go there otherwise), it still cuts the demand for parking on that trip by one whole space. Or by two areas if the car share participant had decided there is no longer a need to own a car (which is observed: rideshare participants reduce their ownership of cars by about half).

It is driving from a given point A to point B — or willing to do so for pay. So it could be deployed rapidly even in suburbs or rural areas that cannot be served well by public transportation or even by taxicabs. And with all the new technologies, there is a myriad of affordable, shared and sustainable transportation options that reduce greenhouse gas emissions – while increasing consumers’ choice and cutting cost.

I kept the car parked on the street most of the time, consuming one parking space. I counted the areas I used when I drove somewhere; that probably meant using 1.1 parking spaces.

Since giving up the car when my younger child was born, I reduced my driving by about half–the remaining half coming from rental cars and taxis–older, lower-tech but still effective forms of shared mobility. But my use of parking was less than .05 parking space.

So the calculus was, for my case, a 50 percent reduction in driving but a 95 percent reduction in parking needs.

Last words

So, just looking at the problem from the 100,000- foot level, if half of the households eventually participate in some shared mobility program, it reduces car ownership by half, which should minimize parking demands by much more than half. The result: the emissions from parking construction and operation would be slashed by roughly 50 million metric tons per year, equivalent to cutting driving by 5 percent. And that’s on top of any savings from less driving. In other words, we have an additional savings potential of 50 million metric tons that no one has yet counted on or even measured.

This is why I am so optimistic about America’s ability to cut climate pollution by at least 80 percent before the year 2050, as we need to stabilize climate.

In addition to all the savings that I could quantify from hidden energy efficiency based on current knowledge–and that was enough to get us to even more than 80 percent reductions in climate pollution, I keep finding enormous new opportunities in unexpected places – like our parking lots.

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